Friday, July 28, 2006


I have not written in a while. To be honest, all of my good ideas are ways to conserve energy or to stop the nagging back pain I have had for the past few weeks, not things to update you, the reader about.

I finally have something i would like to say. Charity is one of those things that as a kid, did not realize the importance of. To me, people collecting money for other people was kind of odd, since as a kid, we did not have any ourselves. As I have gotten older, things like charity have a way of creeping up from time to time.

I will be the first to admit, I am frugal with the money I make, or I try to be. When I was with the Marine Corps, we collected toys for kiddos, usually making noise around Christmas time. Sure we collected toys year round, but the only time a real influx of things came in was at Christmas. Sadly I think that is the only time many think of giving to others.

Mrs. Ninjamunkey has MS. That is not a form of Microsoft programming, but Multiple Sclerosis. Those folks with the National MS society do a lot to raise money, not for themselves, but so that others mind have a cure someday. I am not too jaded to think that there is a cure somewhere down the line. She is in a walk, to benifit MS research, and I have signed up. Stop by her site, pledge, offer support, or sign up to walk with us

My good friend Devin is doing the blogathon, 24 hours of posting coming up on Saturday, his site is
he is supporting a great charity that brings baseball to families that only deal with things like bills, doctors, and sick children. Its worthy of your time, and money, and I would not steer you wrong.

I say all this tonight because in my life, I do not get a chance to help. Not helping bugs me, because I am sure there is some way i can make a difference. Maybe the first step is reminding people that charity is something that happens year round. I know charity starts at home, so if your broke, we are not begging you to help. We understand that times are tight, gas is 3 bucks a gallon, and life does not get easier as the tempature goes up. But if you can, do, if you can't find someone that can and tell them about people trying to make a difference. That is all we are asking.