Thursday, July 31, 2008

This and that...

So I have been meaning to update my blogs for a while, and I post both here and on Myspace, but I forgot my password to log into this blogger site, so for about a month I have been testing passwords until they locked me out for a few days. Then it would let me try some more. Yeah, I have too many passwords floating around. Anyway, I got logged in tonight, and have too many things I want to post, so I guess one of the best ways to cover all of the subjects would be a quick synapsis of things, and write until the pain pills and muscle relaxers kicks in.

-So yesterday I went to the college and got registered. Next week I am going to take the "your so far removed from highschool, you need to take this test to make sure your not in charge of the short bus." test. Reading, writing, and math. I really am not worried about it, hell if I can figure out the proper way to discharge a CRT, and pass an exam about it, I am pretty sure I can figure out what time the bus will get to Denver while going 60 miles per hour. I am considering a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Its a 2 year plan. I would like to think I have the drive to keep going after getting my degree and going for a masters in Sports Medicine or something.

-Well suffice it to say based on the above statement, my employer, Apple, fired me for being out for over a year. Man I just realized that I have lived in fear of saying where I actually work. See we were told that if we ever mention the company in a blog, we could be terminated. Well, Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, retail. HA!

-Speaking of Apple (I can't stop!!!) I have been a bit amazed at the new iPhone frenzy stuff going on lately. The new software on the old phone is pretty freaking cool. I love the applications, like poker, AIM, and Twitterriffic. I just can not believe they have reached a point of running out in the stores of the new models. I just don't need a GPS unit that badly.

-Also speaking of Apple (See!!!) I have decided I am going to test the water by offering my services as a consultant. I obviously have high skills with the Mac, but am also very well versed with the PC, networks, printers, and tin cans tied together with string. I need to get some business cards made, and start passing them out like candy to see what happens. Any advice in doing this would be great.

-I am currently going to PT 3 times a week. Its actually not too bad, most of my stuff is pool and whirlpool based. I half expected pool exercises would be simple, and like a vacation. Yeah right. I work my ass off.

-Tuesday night I was going out to the car to get something around 10PM. Someone had delivered the new phone books for our area, and the cover was kind of a black color. I managed to step onto said book, and roll my ankle and foot. I tried to hold myself up with the storm door, but it just opened to the wall, and I then fell forward. Rolling in an attempt to protect my back and hips, I half land on a 5 gallon water bottle before hitting the sidewalk. Imagine my suprise when my hips and back hurt like hell. I am such an idiot. But see I figure as much as I get hurt, being a physical therapist might be a great career for me, since I don't know how to get a career that allows me to live and work inside a padded room, short of being crazy, or crazier than I already am.

I had more stuff to write about, but the drugs are starting to work, and I'm forgetting stuff. Mabe I can keep up with the password this time, and post more later. Until then, Apple!