Tuesday, June 20, 2006

little stuff, here and there

Lots of little things today, as I am writing this as I am working, and have 3-4 minutes between customers to type…

--I am now a bandwagon fan. I have watched the last 4 Dallas Maverick games, and truthfully, they are quite fun. I am not much of a basketball person. When I was in the 8th grade, I was on the team:

4 minutes left, almost the last game of the season. I have sat on the bench most of the season, mainly because I was fat, and was only on the team because I was a Captian of the football team. I get to go in because everyone else was injured, the stands were drained of useable people. I jump up and get in there. There was a shot, I jump. I get the rebound. I shoot. I make it. For the other team. My career I had -2 points.

--Having family visit is nice. I prefer a nice tall glass of gasoline, next time. Thank you.

--I understand your machine is business critical. I am glad you recognize it is going to take at least 5 business days to get you fixed up. What I don’t understand is how you can have a business critical machine, it’s a laptop, there has never been a backup, the last update was during the Regan administration, and your screaming at me. I might just forget to order the part tonight. *Shocking abuse of authority*.

--Why is it that every aspiring film-maker, novelist, photographer, musician, and everyone else I have encountered for the last 2 days are dicks? Seriously? Everyone knows more than I do. Why did they come to me for assistance in the first place?

--#1 sign you have too much money. You bring your laptop in to get a quote on replacing the “little piece of plastic over the keyboard that has a crack in it” and wander off to look at new software. Then leave the store after buying the software. Leaving the computer sitting on the counter. 2 hours now, no one has called to claim it. I would take it, but that little piece above the keyboard is broken. Sheesh.

--Parents, inspect your childrens clothing before they leave the house. Drop in on them in public, cause you know they have a cell and and can tell you where they are. Shorts that have a ass cheek hanging from it, that is not cool. Pedofiles around the country are rejoicing at summer, don’t help them.

--Ok mr. “I was on the apprentice” I get that you want to be famous. I don’t care that you were on TV. Your computer broke just like that other guy that works on sprinkler systems.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 years ago...

Three years ago, i was in the middle of a single state of euphoria that has lasted the test of time. My lovely wife (Mrs. Ninjamunkey) was exhausted having just given birth to our son, Baby Munkey. Here was this little bundle, no bigger than a minute. His deep blue eyes (the color of the sea) were wide open, and taking everything in around him. He has an expression, I can never forget, it was not fear, or shock or anything else. It was an expression of learning. I see it on his face constantly.

Baby munkey is a brilliant child. exhausting, but brilliant. He wants to know why and how, when and where. He likes to play I spy, and has gotten quite good at it. He loves party peoples, his big dog Wrigley, and his star wars men. He is happy watching a movie, or playing on his iMac.

He loves to go to his grandparents, and loves a good popcorn and soda night at the movies. He is a great swimmer, all be it a beginner, and is not afraid of anything. He loves to eat spaghetti, watch little einstiens, and never stand between his apple juice, he will take you out.

He can hit both left and right handed, sings along with the radio, even if he doesn't know the words.

Most importantly he is my boy. I am amazed by him everyday, and wish I could let him be little forever.

I love you buddy!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lets all go to the lobby....

So we took the baby munkey to see "Cars" last night. It was the first Pixar release that I went to and did not feel creepy since I did not have a kiddo with me. First let me say, NEVER go to a kid movie on opening night unless you want to be squashed by little gummy children and thier over bearing parents. But I get ahead of myself.

We get to the theatre, and realize that everyone in town has the exact same idea that we did. I stand in line, waiting to get tickets and realize that the woman in the little glass cube is about the biggest bitch I have ever heard. She is rude to everyone that comes up there, and since you have to lean down and speak into a small 3x3 hole in the glass, cannot have a decent experience.

I request my tickets "2 adults for the 7:30 showing of Cars" and she mutters something about, well, something, and then says "Seventeen Dollars"

What? When the hell did it become the norm for people to have to take out a small loan in order to go to the movies. These are not Shiatshi Massage chairs. There is no one handing out champagne and hot towels, this is a sticky floor, seats that once had a color other than oil change brown, and audio that might as well be ear drum splitting for the previews, and too low to hear for the feature, right?

What to families with multiple children do? Well I know what I would do, wait for the DVD.

Anyway, we go past the counter, and into the snack bar line. I would have carried my own stuff in at 10% of the cost, but since they have outside food and drink detectors at the door and search your belongings, we decided to just buy in the lobby. WE got popcorn, drinks, and hotdogs since we had not had dinner. 22.50. Ok for those of you scoring at home, that is ...wait...too early for math, 39.50 for our outing at the movies.

The movie was good, dont get me wrong. Apparently this particular cinema decided to crank the volume for the show, since there were going to be more kids there than a Michael Jackson slumber party, so it was almost to the point of painful for the race sequences. If your kiddo is under the age of 6, the movie is going to be over thier heads, but its pretty so it kind of works. Its also a little over 2 hours, so have fun keeping them interested, I suggest a pocket full of starbursts (shh dont tell)

Now I am back to work, trying to pay off the debt that I now have to the Regal cinemas.