Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is it tomorrow yet?

So in the past 4 days combined, I have put in 38 hours. Granted that was until 1 this afternoon. I went home for 2 hours, and am now back at work. I am scheduled from 4:30 this afternoon, until at least 2am, maybe more. Then tomorrow I am looking at a 1pm to 1am (or so) shift. For those of you scoring at home, based on the min. clocked hours, that would give me 59 and a half hours, or almost 20 hours of overtime. Yeah, I think I am going to be tired, but I can almost afford to hire someone to sleep for me. Or to clean. Hmmm how much was that service again?

I hate that Mrs. Ninjamunkey is home with baby munkey-the-tazmanian devil for this stretch, but sometimes, sacrifices need to be made. Mostly on the part of her giving up sanity, rest, productivity, and anything else, unless its to watch Shark Tale for the 49th time.

The silver lining? They could be seeing a lot more of me, were I unemployed, so I think they will accept the overtime and exhausted daddy as a fact of life for a while.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

10 Thousand

10 Thousand is the number of the day. I will show you why….

10,000-The number of miles that the Jeep officially has on it now. I have put 3 thousand on it since I purchased it some month and a half ago. Yikes

10,000- The number of tasks I have been assigned today at work, as we prepare to go live with our production facility.

10,000-The number of minutes I think my migrains must be before the pain will begin to slack

10,000-the amount of money I would like to see in my account, not destined for bills, or for purchases, just sitting there

10,000-the number of new employees that have come through the door in the past week

Monday, June 27, 2005

Where is my soapbox?

Ok, I would like to discuss something that has been more and more common to see in the news each year during the summer. Parents run to the store, go to work, or whatever, and leave the kids in the car, where they die of heat.

Someone explain how this can happen. I am almost positive that if you go to the grocery store, and buy choclate or icecream, you rush back to the house to put it away, because it might melt or spoil. How can you forget a kiddo?

I can get out of my truck here at work, and maybe I forget to grab my ID badge, or maybe I forget my wallet. But if Baby Munkey was in the backseat, I would damn sure make sure he either goes in with me, or whatnot.

I was home with him all weekend. We ran errands and such, and he can fall asleep easily in the car. I don't forget he is there. When I stopped for gas at one point, i stayed with the car as I filled up, and the windows were rolled all they way down.

What in the hell could be more important that your child? The common excuse is "I don't normally drop them off at daycare, so I forgot they were in the car."

"You have to have a license to drive a car, but any asshole can be a parent" -Parenthood

Wake up people.

Friday, June 24, 2005


So Tom Cruise is getting a lot of media attention for his movie, but moreso for going Ape-S . Apparently he went nutso on Matt Lauer this morning. He went nutso on Brooke Shields. He went nutso on a guy with a squirt gun the other day. So I have to ask, does anyone believe he is sane anymore? Seriously?

Show me the psychosis!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The old Jedi mind trick...

Ok this is just creepy. I have tried 4 times, and they have guessed each time...

Obviously I am quite busy today. I am working, really. And right now, I am working on coming up with something that he cannot guess.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Things I have learned...

I have learned that a household full of children is a surefire reminder that you dont want any more.

I have learned that a desk drawer in the center of a bad knee will make it feel even worse.

I have learned that Texas and summer go together like cake and ice cream.

I have learned that sometimes, being late for work is more important than being on time.

I have learned that spending money on CD's is not good if you cannot copy the contents to listen to on an Ipod, instead, downloading those songs from a free P2P program works fine.

I have learned that sometimes, reading a book and eating a quiet lunch is better than running errands or going to lunch with co-irkers.

I have learned that no amount of work goes un-noticed, especially by you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A list of sorts...

Things I love:
My darling baby munkey, who is 2 years old today. He amazes me with his intelligence, his ability to clobber a baseball, and his ability to recognize that I am hurt, not feeling good, or down, and make me giggle. "Chicken!"

My wonderful wife, who, though she has to have daily shots, cannot be out in the heat (we live in Texas, so like that is possible)and works her butt off for a company that may or not appreciate her, still has time and energy to love us, worry about us, and do her best to help with all the projects around the house

Wireless network connections

My good puppydogs. They have recently decided they prefer to sleep outside at night, instead of taking up the majority of our king sized bed. They don't do much, dig a little, and always have a wet nose and a kiss for you.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Its got 9 thousand miles on it, I have had it a month, and it is just a great little vehicle. I would take the pepsi challenge against any other midsized SUV on the road, and know that it would come through with flying colors.

Ipods with FM connections- Listening to my music in the morning, and not having to listen to the latest recap of TV I did not watch.

My new job. Where else can I give an answer like "I have no idea, let me do some research" and have everyone thinking I have hung the moon? Crazy

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Somebody get the license plate!!!

So last night, we were testing Baby Munkey in his new Jeep Powerwheel car. He was having a little trouble, since the dang thing bolts like a possessed horse when you step on the pedal. So I was reaching down, trying to figure out if there was a reduced speed gear to put it in. As I reach, someone yelled "punch it Chewie!" and he did. Across my foot. It sounded a little like this:


Followed by 10 minutes of me laughing uncontrollably because I knew screaming would make the baby go ballistic. My foot was purplish and swollen. It hurt.

Today I see the doctor, only to be told that its really just a bad sprain and deep tissue bruise. Thank Jeebus. I did not like the idea of another cast, or missing the swimming pool time I could have.

So yes, I am limping because my son ran over me with his Jeep.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Anne Bancroft died yesterday. Mel Brooks is not as funny now, I am sure.

So things are going along swimmingly in the desktop support world today. I enjoy my new job a great deal, and hell even the free coffee is good. Everything will taste much better after the first paycheck arrives.

New TV show that you should check out, Cheap Seats. Its on ESPN classic, which until we accidently found this show, I thought ESPNCL was out there to show those old films that usually air during a rain delay. You know the ones "The Mets had never had it so good, until tragedy struck, killing the groundskeeper..." all shot in sepia tones, with Behind the Music like sad photos of middle infielders and linebackers crying like babies. Cheap Seats is like a sports version of MST3K. Two guys, not jocks at all, critique various shows, events, commentators, and everything else. Imagine a recap of the 1994 Putt Putt championships. Highly recommended.

If you are not already doing so, I would highly recommend watching The Shield, on FX. This season, Glenn Close is appearing as a new captian in the squad, and really has added something to the show. Michael Chiklis is amazing as always, and makes the show what it is. Go rent the first few seasons on DVD to catch up, but if you like true cop drama, along with enough grit to make you want to take a shower afterwards, I suggest checking it out.

As far as music goes, I have downloaded Err purchased the new Weezer, and not that impressed. I have also gotten the new Toby Keith, which is actually very good, if you like country music at all. I have some of the new Ben Folds, but apparently you have to either like him or hate him, no middle ground. I like him, so it works out.

The only thing that is a minor dislike about the new job, is that I am not allowed to listen to music as I work. Apparently since music is not allowed on the Plant floor, they want the office folks to adhere to the same rules. I can see that it is fair, and balanced, but does not make the day go any faster when I cannot listen to Jack FM or something.

Speaking of, no matter where you live, see if your area has a Jack FM station. Imagine taking all of your MP3s and playing them all the time. NO DJs, just commercials. You can hear Flock of Seagulls followed by U2 followed by Kajagoogoo. Its great. usually. But as I point out to Mrs. Ninjamunkey, "this station would be great if they did not play so much (insert artist here)"

that is all I have got for now

Friday, June 03, 2005

*Happy dance*

For the past week I have been working at a new job. Not just any job, but a job that I actually look forward to coming to, and enjoy working at. No one has laughed at me, made me feel stupid for not knowing something. Enjoy a happy dance at my expense!

Observations from the past week, in no particular order:
Guy with a "Will work for food" sign, talking on his cell phone on the corner.

Camaro, Bumper sticker says "I can't drive 55" doing about 30 in the fast lane.

Toyota Corolla on the side of the road, hazzards flashing, but in big autolot paint on the window "Runs Great!"

The Staples Catalog for office supplies has no staples listed in it. Why?

Calling the ATT business internet support line and get greeted with "If you are having issues with your internet connection, connect with us at" Ummm isn't that why I was calling?

Biggest complaint in my office "I was working on my laptop, and it said it was running critically low on battery life, and that I should charge it. Do I need to plug it in for that, or is it one of those wireless computers?"