Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So recently I find myself watching TV at night after the rest of the munkey casa has retired for the evening. One of the disadvantages to this is the fact that I am watching live TV, not something from the greatness of the Tivo box. See, with Tivo, I can fast forward through commercials and get back to programmed goodness, not commercials that sell me everything I will ever need.

Since I have had a chance to catch a few of these advertising gems, I wanted to comment on them.

1) There is an ad for a Fungus remedy for your feet. Yes that is right, a fungus amoung us. The ad itself is not more shocking than the "meet Bob's woody" or anything else. What is the bad part is the cartoon cracked out cat looking thing lifting up the cartoon toenail and climbing in like its a damn hatchback. *shudder*
(upon searching for commercial links on YouTube, I was not able to locate this one, and a Google search turned up that I am not the only one disturbed by this commercial.)

2) Man Laws Ok, I get it. Guys have rules about certain things that are unspoken, and drinking a beer with Burt Reynolds will create said rules. Wait, Wha...?

3) Head On. Apply directly to forehead. I think I will stop there.

4) Orbits Gum You know the campaign with the British chick and the filthy mouths or whatnot. The ad in question is the Snoop Dogg ad, in which Snoop drops into Hell with some old ladies and a goat and told that because of his dirty mouth, he is there forever. And then British Chicky shows up. You then see Snoop in a white room with hot chicks and whatnot. IF you can, read the fine print as it shows Snoop tripping gansta like in God's Crib. It says and I swear "dramatization: Chewing Orbits will not get you into Heaven." Have we really gotten so insane as a society they have to have a disclaimer on a freaking chewing gum commercial? Why dont they also point out that when you chew their gum, you dont get that little light sparkle from your teeth afterwards? I am going to sue.

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Joni said...

I chew Trident. Does that mean I'll go to Hell?