Friday, January 23, 2009

anger management

Here I am, under a warm comforter, with a warm kitty curled at my side, while it is in the 60's outside. In late January. I have a few items that have been bugging me, and instead of sending numerous tweets; have decided to post stuff here. Odd I know but sometimes things happen......

1) Dear MLB network. I love that Verizon is carrying you. I hate that your commercials feel like 4 am PSA's instead of actual ads. I also hate that it appears you believe there are only two teams in the MLB, Red Sox and Yankees. Grr. Cover the Cubs, or Braves, or anyone. I know that my lowly Rangers are barely a blip on the national coverage, save for the Josh Hamilton story, and I think people are getting tired of that, as great of a story as it is.

2) National news people that want to keep reminding me that President Obama is "the first African American" to be president. He is also the first president to win that I voted for. He is the first president that I felt was "too good". His skin color has nothing to do with it.

3) My biggest rant is about my medical care. I feel like I have gone to a shady mechanic and the parts he put into me are starting to fail. I think the mechanic (doctor) put sugar in my gastank, and sand in my radiator, guaranteeing a repeat visit by me, and another 25 copay. 86 dollar office visit, test that is going to cost me 500 bucks in the end, endless bloodwork that costs more each time, the calls from bill collectors. I am tired of the mail that tells me it is not a bill, but eventually becomes a bill. I am sick of meds that I have to have in order to be somewhat normal, but cost more this month because generics are not available. I am tired of the dry mouth that creeps up in the middle of a conversation making the person I am talking to look at me like a nutjob, due to the medicine. I hate the hours I sit wide awake at night, either from the tremors of pain in my legs and hips, or because one of my drugs has decided to keep me up.

4) I hate that with little income we have right now, everything is so damn expensive. The video games, the take out, the movies and popcorn, all the necessities in life. :) Ok done ranting, off to watch a show about the best Red Sox of all time.

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