Thursday, March 31, 2005


So maybe yesterday's post did nothing more than allow me to vent my fustration with my current situation. Let me add today, that I have no intention of quitting. I will not walk away from a paying job, no matter how bad it seems, unless I have something else ready to go. Right now, there is nothing out there, and so I stay.

On the funny side, I have to carry a pager. I have to carry a cellphone/PDA given to me by the company, to keep tabs on me. I also have a personal cell phone that I carry, so Mrs. Ninjamunkey and I can talk for free. So once I get all of my goodies together, and strapped to my belt I am converted, to "Nick Burns, your company's computer guy" like the skit from SNL. I get more than one look from security guards at retail establishments around here, mainly because I look like an old west gunslinger. I can quick draw, take your picture, email it to my PDA, and then post it to the web faster than most can answer the phone.

I have also taken to using the camera phones for a new use. Sure I love to snap photos of the baby munkey, but I have also seen individuals that have jobs worse than me. For instance, I took a picture of a walking cheeseburger the other day. Imagine that job. Wait, I sort of had it in highschool. I wore the A&W Rootbear suit around the mall. All summer. Getting hugs, kicks, screams, laughs, points, all the fun stuff. So here is to you mr. cheeseburger. Yesterday, I saw a circus tent being constructed (yes it would be erected, but that looks so....dirrrrty) and the carnival folks working on it. Imagine going from town to town, putting up the tent, taking down the tent, cleaning up after the elephants and camels, covering puke with sawdust, and all the other lovely things you know these guys do. That is what they get for running away to join the circus. Not everyone is cut out to be the lion tamer.

In closing a quote..."yeah today sucks, but just let it suck and then get on with tomorrow..." Tom from the current Survivor. True, true.

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Katy said...

Here's one to add to your list... I saw a MIDGET with a LEAFBLOWER near the highway yesterday. The leafblower was bigger than him. So sad, yet comical.