Friday, March 18, 2005

Top O' The Mornin To Ya...

ok I missed St. Patricks day. I used to be a bartender, manager for Bennigans, and St. Paddy's day was a huge holiday for me. You see I would get sloshed during the evening, but at the same time I could clear anywhere from 3-500 bucks. For the day! Seriously. Last night, I was going to have some drinks, but life gets in the way. It happens.

Most disturbing thing I saw on my drive in this morning. A billboard for "Disney presents: Finding Nemo on Ice". Let me point out something to you. If you find Nemo on ice, his ass in either in one of those long counters at Kroger, or in a fish market somewhere. I never understood the whole "on ice" idea. No movie is better being on ice, short of a hockey movie. I don't get it.

Leaving earlier than usual this morning due to a network crisis with one of my clients in Atlanta, I finally figured out why traffic is so bad when i normally do leave. Its those two cars that were choosing to drive 35 miles an hour in a 65 Zone. You might have seen them. One was a giant red truck, with ladders hanging off of it, and a sign for residential electrical work. The other was that old lady in the white cadallac, you know, she was just blue hair and white knuckles from behind.

I also passed a truck loaded down with insulation. The sign on the truck said, and I swear "Insulation services, sheeting and blows." Umm huh? What do they do with that truck after hours?

That is all for now, I will work toward getting some of my older stuff moved over her, or maybe this is a clean start for me.

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