Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I should be sleeping

Sometimes, my mind does not turn off. Or I cram so much crap into it for a test I have to take, that I cannot go back to sleep. Tonight, I studied too much, cannot turn the mind off, and I miss my family.

So here I am, in the the land of bronze tans and boobjobs, but have not seen the sun since I have been here. Today, as I looked through the continous driving rain, I think I spotted mountians in the distance, or maybe I was looking as some evil clouds that happen to be black. Its rains, a lot. All day. And night. The swimming pools are starting to run over. They look so inviting, steaming from the heated water, and yet the stinging rain that drives me back keeps me away. I feel like Forrest Gump.

I have felt isolation like I have right now, only one other time in my life. Bootcamp. I was stuck there, not knowing anyone, overwhelmed stepping from the bus. I knew my family was back home waiting on me to come back, thinking of me often. I would bond with the people I was living with, out of exhaustion, fear, isolation. So I study. I focus on the task at hand. I remind myself that I will excel, and do all of this with flying colors.

Its who I am. Who are you?


Ali said...

you CAN do this....

we love you

Halfway to Fifty said...

You'll do great. And it's only 2 weeks! Then you'll come home to a big old shindig of people who love you... maybe even me!!

Monkey Critic said...

If you see any pretty ladies in "the land of bronze tans and boobjobs," don't forget tell them about monkey's blog.