Saturday, March 04, 2006

A sampling...

Here is a list of things that I have learned over the course of my first week in Cali....

1) Northern CA can get cold at night, and sometimes during the day-a heavier jacket would have been a good idea because 50 in Texas feels a lot warmer than 50 here.

2) Time changes kick your butt for the first week, no matter how seasoned of a traveler you are


4) Local news varies from place to place, but each news cast ends with a human interest story with something about a twinkie, a dog with one eye, and a boy that can only hear when he listens to his iPod.

5) The comforts of home do not follow you, they only haunt you

6) Hotel pillows and beds only look comfortable. In reality they are as squishy as biscuit dough.

7) Speaking of biscuits, food in another state may look the same, be in the same restaurant chain, but is vastly different

8) Sushi is waaaay more popular that I thought, but only reminds me of the awesome chinese food I cannot get here because the hole in the wall corner joint is no where to be found.

9) Mountians with clouds over them, with snow on them, or in the distance look so perfect, you think they are fake

10) Drinking whiskey while in the hottub will not only make you feel more drunk, its a bad idea.

11) I am not 22 anymore, and cannot drink shots like a young guy. Bleech


Ali said...

you're halfway there. You can do this. Get going with your rockstar self.

We love you

Ali said...

oh yeah, and baby? hot tub drinking? I know your team is just about all made up of guys....

You hear rumors about California changing a man, but wow...that must have been record time!

Monkey Critic said...

Where did mysterious #3 go?

Ali said...

Monkey critic, go back to my blog, click on the link for Somesuch, and join our little email list! You'll find out where #3 went..

Bonnie said...

Heeeeeeeeeeee. So glad you're enjoying Hotel California with such humor and munkey-filled grace! ;)