Wednesday, December 07, 2005

catching up...

So I have had many moments over the last few days to write about, but trying to find time to post them has not been easy. I was out sick yesterday, but it was not a rest day for me.

I will start at the beginning...

First, my darling 2 year old baby munkey was sitting in his seat in the car this weekend as a large Hummer drove past. His pointed observation? "Hey look, its a school bus!" Ah, youth.

Sunday, we decided to impose a family day. We went to Dallas to the Dallas World Aquarium to see the sites. I must say, at 16 bucks a person, it was a little dissappointing. The manatees were hanging in thier tank, and actually looked dead. The penguins were bored, and the fish displays were only so-so. Even the big draw for me, the monkeys, were tired, having apparently had a rough Saturday night. The best part was a tunnel walk through where the sharks swam over your head. Quite cool, and baby munkey was quite impressed that something could swim over my head, being the giant that I am not.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I called in sick to work. I assume that the weather going from 89 degrees on Saturday to 30 today had something to do with it. I did have to make a journey to Garland, to retreive our former dog. Apparently the person that we found him a home with decided he was too much trouble and dumped him out. When called on it, he actually said he was too busy for him. So I traveled to Garland, and payed the fees and got him out of the pound, and I think last night we found him a wonderful home.

Today, the weather man is calling for snow and ice. In Texas they might as well say armageddon, because people prepare for it. They make runs on the grocery store, and no one wants to go to work. Right now its probably upper 20's with a light mist. If we get actual precipitation, its going to be a messy drive home. But see, I understand how to drive in it, the key is going slow. Everyone else thinks that if you hurry, you can get home before it gets worse. I dont have to worry about the ice, I have to worry about the idiots on the ice. "Disney presents: Idiots on Ice"

that is all I have for now, doing to work of 2 people is tough enough, but when you are run down and sick, its hell.

Have fun, stay young!

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