Saturday, December 17, 2005

Food Orgasm

Last night, Mrs. Ninjamunkey and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We had reservations for The Fort Worth Chop House. Its a higher end steak house in Downtown Fortworth. I had been looking forward to it most of the week, a time to celebrate, to be a couple, to have a date. The day was shaping up good. I found this right after getting to work. Sweet huh?

I ordered 2 dozen roses, and had them sent to her office. I don't think she had any idea, so that was cool. I went to the store and pick up a bottle of champagne to celebrate with after dinner. I rushed home, after having to stay late for a little meeting with my boss. I showered, and got dressed up. At 5:38pm I get a text message:

Ok so a little damper, but not a big deal. I called the restaurant and pushed the reservation back from 7 to 7:45. at 6:30 she was finally on her way. She got here, changed clothes, and we left.

Its been over an year since i have navigated downtown, but I think I did a great job of guiding us around traffic, and we made it to the restaurant around 8:05. They took us right to our table, and the festivities began.

Understand I was a fat kid. Not only was I fat, I was poor. So going somewhere that the average tab is over 100 bucks for 2 people, and having what can only be described as a fantastic steak, well I was in fat kid heaven. The food, AMAZING. The prices, steep. The crown and cokes? 8 bucks. But they were closer to doubles, maybe even triples. We had 3 each.

We consumed a little of everything last night, not finishing one single dish. It was like a sample here, and a sample there. I ate shrimp scampi for the first time in my life, and loved it. (I hate seafood, or so I was lead to believe) I ate lobster tail that was amazing. It melted in my mouth. Oh my god, my fat boy heart was exploding.

But like all things, you grow up. I knew I could not hold that amount of food, and stopped, and then they brought dessert. A bread pudding with fresh berries. A flourless godiva chocolate cake. Dear god!

All in all, it was an amazing time, and I had someone wonderful to share it with. Probably the finest meal I have ever had, and the greatest date of my life.

Thank you Ali, for 5 wonderful years.

As an aside, I had been planning a entry for yesterday, detailing things that have gone on in the past five years, and how much she meant to me, and what life was like now, and then she posted hers. I did not want to appear to be stealing thunder, so I did not post it. But I will summarize, 5 years=me being the luckiest guy on the face of the earth.


Leemer said...

Post it anyway, brutha'...

I can only say this: I have known Ali for a long time now. Longer than I have known you, and I consider you a true, TRUE friend. And I can state, with the utmost confidence, that she is a much more positive, upbeat person ever since she met you.

You're both doing something right.

Love you, man.

SimonZealotes said...

I can never come up with the words to describe a good woman and a devoted wife, except God Bless 'Em.