Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 years ago...

Three years ago, i was in the middle of a single state of euphoria that has lasted the test of time. My lovely wife (Mrs. Ninjamunkey) was exhausted having just given birth to our son, Baby Munkey. Here was this little bundle, no bigger than a minute. His deep blue eyes (the color of the sea) were wide open, and taking everything in around him. He has an expression, I can never forget, it was not fear, or shock or anything else. It was an expression of learning. I see it on his face constantly.

Baby munkey is a brilliant child. exhausting, but brilliant. He wants to know why and how, when and where. He likes to play I spy, and has gotten quite good at it. He loves party peoples, his big dog Wrigley, and his star wars men. He is happy watching a movie, or playing on his iMac.

He loves to go to his grandparents, and loves a good popcorn and soda night at the movies. He is a great swimmer, all be it a beginner, and is not afraid of anything. He loves to eat spaghetti, watch little einstiens, and never stand between his apple juice, he will take you out.

He can hit both left and right handed, sings along with the radio, even if he doesn't know the words.

Most importantly he is my boy. I am amazed by him everyday, and wish I could let him be little forever.

I love you buddy!


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Bonnie said...

Happy birthday to the munkeyboy!

sm00bs said...

Time slips by so quickly!! Hippy birdies to Mikey! :)