Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lets all go to the lobby....

So we took the baby munkey to see "Cars" last night. It was the first Pixar release that I went to and did not feel creepy since I did not have a kiddo with me. First let me say, NEVER go to a kid movie on opening night unless you want to be squashed by little gummy children and thier over bearing parents. But I get ahead of myself.

We get to the theatre, and realize that everyone in town has the exact same idea that we did. I stand in line, waiting to get tickets and realize that the woman in the little glass cube is about the biggest bitch I have ever heard. She is rude to everyone that comes up there, and since you have to lean down and speak into a small 3x3 hole in the glass, cannot have a decent experience.

I request my tickets "2 adults for the 7:30 showing of Cars" and she mutters something about, well, something, and then says "Seventeen Dollars"

What? When the hell did it become the norm for people to have to take out a small loan in order to go to the movies. These are not Shiatshi Massage chairs. There is no one handing out champagne and hot towels, this is a sticky floor, seats that once had a color other than oil change brown, and audio that might as well be ear drum splitting for the previews, and too low to hear for the feature, right?

What to families with multiple children do? Well I know what I would do, wait for the DVD.

Anyway, we go past the counter, and into the snack bar line. I would have carried my own stuff in at 10% of the cost, but since they have outside food and drink detectors at the door and search your belongings, we decided to just buy in the lobby. WE got popcorn, drinks, and hotdogs since we had not had dinner. 22.50. Ok for those of you scoring at home, that is ...wait...too early for math, 39.50 for our outing at the movies.

The movie was good, dont get me wrong. Apparently this particular cinema decided to crank the volume for the show, since there were going to be more kids there than a Michael Jackson slumber party, so it was almost to the point of painful for the race sequences. If your kiddo is under the age of 6, the movie is going to be over thier heads, but its pretty so it kind of works. Its also a little over 2 hours, so have fun keeping them interested, I suggest a pocket full of starbursts (shh dont tell)

Now I am back to work, trying to pay off the debt that I now have to the Regal cinemas.

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