Tuesday, June 20, 2006

little stuff, here and there

Lots of little things today, as I am writing this as I am working, and have 3-4 minutes between customers to type…

--I am now a bandwagon fan. I have watched the last 4 Dallas Maverick games, and truthfully, they are quite fun. I am not much of a basketball person. When I was in the 8th grade, I was on the team:

4 minutes left, almost the last game of the season. I have sat on the bench most of the season, mainly because I was fat, and was only on the team because I was a Captian of the football team. I get to go in because everyone else was injured, the stands were drained of useable people. I jump up and get in there. There was a shot, I jump. I get the rebound. I shoot. I make it. For the other team. My career I had -2 points.

--Having family visit is nice. I prefer a nice tall glass of gasoline, next time. Thank you.

--I understand your machine is business critical. I am glad you recognize it is going to take at least 5 business days to get you fixed up. What I don’t understand is how you can have a business critical machine, it’s a laptop, there has never been a backup, the last update was during the Regan administration, and your screaming at me. I might just forget to order the part tonight. *Shocking abuse of authority*.

--Why is it that every aspiring film-maker, novelist, photographer, musician, and everyone else I have encountered for the last 2 days are dicks? Seriously? Everyone knows more than I do. Why did they come to me for assistance in the first place?

--#1 sign you have too much money. You bring your laptop in to get a quote on replacing the “little piece of plastic over the keyboard that has a crack in it” and wander off to look at new software. Then leave the store after buying the software. Leaving the computer sitting on the counter. 2 hours now, no one has called to claim it. I would take it, but that little piece above the keyboard is broken. Sheesh.

--Parents, inspect your childrens clothing before they leave the house. Drop in on them in public, cause you know they have a cell and and can tell you where they are. Shorts that have a ass cheek hanging from it, that is not cool. Pedofiles around the country are rejoicing at summer, don’t help them.

--Ok mr. “I was on the apprentice” I get that you want to be famous. I don’t care that you were on TV. Your computer broke just like that other guy that works on sprinkler systems.

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Ali said...

i hear other people enjoy when their family visits...I obviously wouldn't understand that