Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coupla things...

First, be very careful with all of your stuff. I learned this last night. I have parked in the same parking garage for over a year now. I have never heard so much as a bump while in there at night. Its well lighted, and I often eat lunch sitting there while reading, so, obviously I feel safe.

Last night, someone broke into my Jeep, taking my Ipod, sunglasses, radar detector, pain pills, cigarettes, andother various things. Can you believe that? I mean seriously. Don't fuck with a mans automobile. That is a rule in these parts. So I call my insurance agency, and according to auto claims, since no major damage was done to the car, its a home owners claim. Saaay what????

Also, while surfing the web of late, I have noticed that some sites that used to link me no longer do so. I have been de-linked. I know it was not updated for a while there, but damn, some of the past content was decent. Someone might have wanted to read it. But no, just deleted the links on your sites there bubbs. Hey, I understand. But I would have at least sent emails out saying, "hey your site sucks, we dont want to link you anymore".

It really comes down to being the perpetual fat kid that got picked last for kickball, was always the "best friend" of anyone I had a crush on, and not being cool enough to get invited to the "real" party after graduation or prom, I went bowling instead.

Oh well....

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Dawn said...

That seems to be a regular occurance round those parts. We have our happy hours at X's and O's (right around the corner from you) and I know of several people who have had their car broke into. WTF? You would think in that area it wouldnt be a problem but it is.