Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vas O no Vas

So here we are, a week after my back “procedure”. Not sure what else to call it other than a “procedure”. If someone impaled you with a shish kabob skewer on both sides of your spine, injected something, and then you walked out feeling like someone had told the Hummer that hit you to back up, what would you call it? Needless to say, its been a week, and there is still pain, not nearly what it has been for the last 18 months, but enough to get my attention if I do too much.

The best part about my recovery? I planted some flowers in the garden 2 days ago, and have hurt since then. We are gearing up for a week long jaunt to Austin and San Antonio, and I should feel wonderful for that car ride. Where did I put that refill order for pain meds?

Having been off work for a little while, I have been catching up on movies and music and wanted to provide my opinion of some of the stuff I have caught lately. Use it as a guide for your Itunes shopping, or not.

Rocky Balboa: It’s cliché, it is over the top, not that realistic, kinda slow going in the beginning, and of course the last 40 minutes suck you in just like the other Rocky movies, short of number V. A good watch, and not too bad of a flick.

Teanacious D…: Oh my god. Back when I was a super stoner, having the ability to load a bowl, smoke it, cook a frozen pizza and have it ready to eat by the time the munchies hit all while rocking out to Pink Floyd and watching a lava lamp, this movie would have kicked ass. Instead, it was confusing, lame, and geared for the new generation of stoner.

Departed: Ya know, this movie everyone loves. They say how wonderful it is, how action packed, how great blah blah. It was ok. Deffinately no Good Fellas. I thought it was one of those movies that in 5 years when it is on AMC, I will watch the edited version, figure out there was something I missed, and enjoy it. Until then, eh.

The Prestige: Ed from the Barenaked Ladies summed this movie up perfectly when we saw them in concert this winter. “ya know, this is one of those movies that you know it is going to have a twisty ending. So it builds builds builds, and suddenly you realize that the twist is this movie is just not that good.” Word.

Stranger than Fiction: I was worried. It has been compared to Eternal Sunshine… and honestly I made it about 30 minutes into that one before I just turned it off. However, I loved this movie. Yeah it was quirky, and kind of odd. Will Farrell in a serious role, I had my doubt that Frank the Tank could do it, but I was really pleased. One of the better movies I have watched lately.

Instead of listing why I like what I have heard, I will just list what I have listened to lately, and you can check it out for yourself.

Three Days Grace-One X
Sister Hazel-Absolutely
Norah Jones-Not too late
Melee-Everyday behavior
Justin Timberlake-Futersex/Lovesongs
Foo Fighters-Skin and Bones
Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High
Del Amitri-Hatful of Rain (best of)
Burden Brothers-Mercy

This is a look at my pop culture obsessed life. If you have questions about why certain things I like, I can break it down, just let me know.


Dawn said...

I will throw a few titles out there for you...The Pursuit of Happyness and Running with Scissors. Looks like we have the same taste in movies so I am curious to see what you think about those two.

The Ninjamunkey said...

Because Happyness looks to be about most depressing movie on the planet, I have decided I will not watch it. Im sure its great, but not for me. Running with Scissors, it was odd, interesting, strange, funny, sad, and overall I would say I liked it. Probably not enough to watch over and over, but pretty good.