Friday, October 21, 2005


I am tired today. You see, I am tired partly because I have not been sleeping well, more on that in a minute. the other reason I am tired? I stayed out too late.

Needing to be at work every morning at 5:30 is really tough on your social calandar. Typically I get home around 4 in the afternoon. After sending out resumes to various job boards, I get some cleaning or household project done. By 8, I am ready for bed. I try to turn in around 9, sometimes 10.

Last night, the baby munkey was with the parents for the weekend. Mrs. Ninjamunkey and I were faced with a weekend of child free time. What did we do the first night? well, first, we went to dinner. A local place called Windy City Grill, where they specialize in Chicago style food. It lets Mrs. Ninjamunkey get a taste of home, and I get that as well, though it is not home to me, just the best damn hotdogs in the US.

We left the restaurant and headed over the the local tattoo parlor. We have both been toying with the idea of new ink for a while. I have a 8 inch lizard (seedy) on my arm, and she has Calvin and Hobbs dancing on her hip. I have been wanting something to mark my 30th year, and my overall change in life. She too, wanted something to mark the difference in her life.

After talking to the artist for a little while, it was realized that first, they closed at 10. My kind of place. "We are going to be wild and crazy, but only until a decent hour, then we need to go to bed". Secondly, they did not have enough time to draw both design ideas I had brought for us, and ink them as well. So we were going to have the Mrs' tat done first.

While we had about 45 minutes to kill waiting for the artist to finish up with his previous client (again rather seedy) we went across the street to a small mexican restaurant and sat at the bar for a drink. (perhaps the best Crown and coke I have had in a bar, as they were quite generous and poured a double for 4.50) After a nice buzz we returned the the tat store, and they started her ink.

He was done in about 35 minutes, and I must say, it looks awesome. If I get her permission, I will post photos of his work later, and hopefully tomorrow evening, I can get my work done as well.

So I am tired.


SimonZealotes said...

I feel your pain, at least with the up-at-5 bit.

Can't say I'd ever get a tat, though, but I never say never to such things.

Main reason I say that is because I don't know that I'd ever be able to decide on one. But I'm known for indecisiveness. :P

Voodoo's Room said...

I don't think the tired ever goes away. Windy City Grill is a great place!