Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just a quick note...

So today I had lunch with a technical recruiter. She found my resume online and wanted to talk to me about positions with their company. Side note, these companies need to figure out that I am not loyal to a brand, only that I do something I like, somewhere tolerable, and for the money I want. So we go to Bennigans for lunch and sit down. I look across from us, and there sitting enjoying his salad, is my boss. Not my immediate boss, but his boss. Nice. So I make the eye contact thing, and discreetly whisper to the recruiter that my boss is across from us, and she says :"no problem, so hows your week going? Its been so long since I have seen you!" We casually talk about what kind of work I want to do, without using specifics, and 20 minutes into the food, my boss leaves. We then started talking about jobs with specifics and no codes involved. High tension at the Bennigans today my friends.

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