Saturday, October 08, 2005

What's the Story Morning Glory?

So today I wanted to touch on a feeling that I get quite often. I wanted to get it out there in hopes of getting someone to comment with “yeah, I do that too!” or “no, you’re a freak!”

Every morning I have the same routine. I wake up at 4:30am, get dressed, grab a soda or some coffee, and head to the office. I arrive around 5:30, check out my servers, and then fire up my laptop. I first check company email, to make sure nothing blew up over night that I need to take care of. I then start with blogs. I have a list of about 10 that I read on a daily basis, but when I blog surf, I add more. I click the link, and then start reading.

One of the biggest disappointed feelings I get is when I get to a blog that has not been updated. Its kind of a “aww, no new update. Dang” I am disappointed that I can not read about other people’s lives to make mine more interesting. I feel a twinge of joy when someone has been going nuts, updating with quizzes, stories, and other things. Am I the only one out here that feels that let down when nothing new has been updated? Like there the world is spinning and you don’t know anything about it?

Perhaps I should seek blog therapy


Ali said...

yeah, I do that, too! But yes, you're still a freak.

And you wake up at 4:45am, not 4:30, only when I force you to. Liar

Halfway to Fifty said...

You are certainly not alone in that routine and feeling, although I wake up somewhat later and I'm extremely guilty of not updating my own blog on a regular basis.

SimonZealotes said...

Nah, you're not alone, I am well-aware of the feeling. It's like compulsively checking your work e-mail everytime a new one comes in (even though in my case, it's all general/standard department spam).

I know that Firefox sometimes doesn't update someone's blog if you hit it from your bookmarks, so sometimes I get a pleasant surprise if I hit the refresh button, too. I'm like "Whoa, an update!"

nathan said...

Ali, who are you? Are you talking about sleep stuff on my blog? Prank poster, prank poster!

Leemer said...

I feel that way, too. It is for that reason that I have tried to update mine at least every other day.

But, sometimes the best updates are the ones that aren't posted. So if I have nothing to say, I say nothing.

Or, at least, I think that's what I do. Opinions may vary.