Monday, October 24, 2005


Today, I find myself conflicted. Not about the price of gas, or where to work, or anything like that. I am conflicted about baseball.

You see, I watched game 2 of the World Series last night. The Astros had one of the bigger Series meltdowns I have seen in a while. I felt shocked, and hurt, and a little cheated. But it was only game 2, and other teams have come back from a 0-2 deficit to win it all. Mrs. Ninjamunkey is a Chicago native, and is rooting for the Sox. She had much rather root for the Cubs, but well, that is not going to happen any time soon.

I have been rooting for the Astros. They have such a horrible history, its hard not to. They have guys that have been around since the days of my youth, and it would be cool to see those guys win. And then it hit me.

Houston sucks. They like to think they are better and more affluent than Dallas/Fort Worth. They have the Rockets, who have won that wierd basketball thing. They have Nolan Ryan, and his beef. During the "silver boot" series between the Rangers and Astros, its cut throat. All the Ranger fan needs is Houston coming here next year during interleague play and shoving that damn Championship trophy in our faces. They would so totally make it a "We put Texas on the map for baseball, you guys suck"

So I am going to flipflop my alliance. I think I am going to root, root, root for the Sox. If they dont win its a shame. Its american league, versus national league. Its baseball at its finest, with bunts, and steals and strike outs, and its the Astros.

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