Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Coolest Kid on the block...

The baby munkey is amazing. He has an intelligence about him that frightens me. He is kinda like Stewie from The Family Guy, without the lasers and Benny Hill references. I have thought this for some time, but yesterday just cemented it for me.

Flu season is coming up, so Mrs. Ninjamunkey set up to have the baby munkey innoculated yesterday. I picked him up from the sitter, and we drove to the doctor's office. He sat in my lap as we waited, pointing out the various characters on posters in the waiting area. We got a lot of "how adorable!" statements from PA's and nurses on staff. Then a young nurse came to get us.

We went back into the treatment area, and the nurse informed me that I would need to hold his hands, as youngsters tend to grab at the needle. I thought it was a bit much, but held on anyway. I whispered to him that it would be over soon, and that he was indeed a big boy. She wiped the area with a alcohol prep wipe, and asked him if he saw the "birdie" on the wall paper. His reply?

"yes, and a Zebra, a tiger, and a elephant, and a monkey, and another bird" Pretty impressive for a 2 year old. She looked a little stunned, and then stuck him with the syringe. His reply to that?

"Ow, Stop it...can I have some candy now?"

No crying, no screaming, nothing like that. It was almost as if he were pinched. There were children leaving the office as we waited that acted as if thier little feet had been crushed by that crazy lady in Misery. Not my boy. He just wanted a sucker.

This kid has recently had a black eye, from running into a table at full speed. He shrugged it off like a prizefighter. I have seen him jump from the couch, do a cannonball into the carpet, and laugh. Then repeat it.

Obviously he has a high tolerance for pain. I think we are raising a 80 year old man that was not reincarnated correctly the first time. Especially when he asks for coffee and a bagel.

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