Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Like a pine forest...

“So why haven’t you written more lately?”
That seems to be the question I get, at least have gotten once or twice. It’s not that I don’t want to write, it is more of time restraints, frustration (which actually might be helped by writing) or just a lack of things to write about. I don’t want to be one of those people that blog about nothing. I am not Seinfield, and don’t want to force the funny. I also don’t want to get into the rut I have in the past, with the “man my job sucks, my boss is an idiot, I am getting shafted…”
So my solution? Write about why I have not written in a while. It reminds me of a paper I turned in for 10th grade composition class. I was supposed to write a paper on creative processes. I wrote about the creative process of coming up with a paper on creative processes. I am pretty sure I got a C on that paper.

New music fun games to play when you are bored at work, or in the car stuck in traffic. Everyone one should do this task, and report back.

1) What is your theme song? Is there one song in your playlist, or CD collection, that defines you? That one song that, when it comes on, you can imagine a movie’s opening credits, and this song is playing?

2) If you had to describe your life, or your lack thereof, could you do it with one mix tape? Pick between 5-10 songs, and imagine putting them on a black tape. You would give this tape to someone, and they would immediately know it was “your” tape.

Well that is all I have today. I was going to write about how hard it is to come up with a catchphrase. How your email sig file might have a catch phrase, but its usually stolen from someone else. My favorite? I Got a Rock.

So in closing….I Got a Rock.


SimonZealotes said...

Hmmm, there are so many songs for so many moods.

But, there's one song that definitely defines me when I'm in the car speeding home for the day.


The lyrics don't completely apply, but the energy of the song definitely does.

Leemer said...

Picture this:

It's the opening credits of the movie based on my life. A Jeep Grand Cherokee is moving down a lonely highway, laden with camping gear, headed toward a solitary mountain...

Acoustic guitar comes from the theater speakers as Roger Daltry sings the first line: "No one knows what it's like..."

The title of the movie splashes on the screen, coinciding with its first mention in the song.

Behind Blue Eyes.

As for the mix tape? That's a PROJECT, brutha', but a good one. I might get back to you with that one.