Wednesday, November 16, 2005


As I attempt to wake up on a chilly Wednesday....

First of all, is anyone else frightened by the fact that I am trying to wake up, only to already be at work, about 35 miles from home? This scares me daily. Not that I think I cannot drive half asleep, as I have most of my working life, but because I see things on the return trip home that I did not notice on the way out that morning. For instance, last night, I noticed a set of buildings that seemingly had been tossed up over night. I know construction is fast, but not that fast. So I probably drove past them in the dark yesterday morning, but was too groggy to notice them. Frightening.

The groggyness is not that hard to understand really, I worked 16 hours on monday, and was back a few hours later for another 12 hour shift. My company is really worried about having to pay for over time, so they keep coming up and asking how many hours I have. Hey dumbasses, you made me work 28 hours in 2 days, so you do the math, I doubt i will work that schedule posted of 12 hours for the next 5 days, but who knows, time may stop

I have yet another job interview this morning, around 11. So if anyone is reading this that I work with, yes, I really have a doctors appointment, and I dress up for him as much as possible...makes the diagnosis a little easier to take. Not that I think anyone I work with is reading this, mainly because I don't talk to anyone I work with. Sure I answer tech questions, and there have been those awkward moments at the coffee maker on Monday where someone one will make a passing "good weekend?" but really, I don't have a social life at work. It's really not my choosing. They tend to gather and go to lunch together (the rest of the techs) and I usually get elected to hold down the fort. Does it bother me? Well, I dunno, you hiring?

We have assistance from home office in this week, and home office is in Flint, Michigan. I love hearing them laugh at the people who are coming in saying, "wow its really chilly out there" and the response from the "Michiginians" is always "Ha, this is nothing" Hey folks, a moment? Its 35 degrees. I dont care where you are, that is considered chilly. If you want to scoff at our weather and make fun of us for wearing long sleeves and light jackets, GO HOME. I dont need your crap. Also, I am not impressed with you wearing short sleeves. That does not shock me, what does shock me is that you can get out of bed each morning, and still make it to work, because I figure your brains turn off each night, considering the vast amount of computer skills you seem to loose each day. Have a glass of STFU on me.

Whew, glad that is out of my system. That could have been dangerous, yelling at some director later in the day.

I know I have said I did not want to post work centric posts here, just because there are only so many ways of saying "work sucks" and still be original. Plus, I hate whining and moaning about things I have when there are people still looking for jobs. So This is out of my system now, and I can go on observing life, and coming back here to poke fun at it.


Halfway to Fifty said...

But sometimes, it just needs to be said. I'm just so sick of my job that all I keep saying to myself is "1.5 months... 1.5 months... 1.5 months..."

SimonZealotes said...

But work-centric posts are sometimes a necessary self-exorcism.

So hey, I can dig it.