Thursday, May 05, 2005

I was gonna post a blog...

But then I got high.

You see, we have new neighbors in my office complex. They are a kitchen design company, and for weeks they have been creating a custom kitchen next door. Then the varnish came out Tuesday night. Yesterday I walked in and the smell was horrible. See we have dropped ceilings, and the air heavy with fumes is coming in to our office. Yesterday my head was pounding something aweful, only stopping about 10 minutes away from the office this morning. Then I came back in, and its worse. I did not think it was possible.

I cannot type well, the backspace has gotten a workout during this post. When I stand up, I get dizzy. My eyes hurt to move, and I keep forgetting what I was doing.

Why do I have to work at a job I hate, and now have the pleasure of breathing fumes so heavy and toxic, the DEA is outside???

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