Friday, May 06, 2005

Two points for honesty...

The above title is from Guster from the CD lost and gone forever. I love Guster. Check em out. You will not be disappointed. Their live show is even better.

I post today for 2 reasons. The first, is I was a little snarky this morning to Mrs. Ninjamunkey. I made a crack about her working again this weekend, how I had come to expect it. Why? I dunno, I can be an ass first thing in the morning. Ok be honest, I can be an ass most of the day, who am I kidding? I think I was implying that she was spending more time with work than with us. Really, I was trying to illustrate a point that I feel she is working much too hard as a new lead/supervisor/manager/whatnot to not have gotten a pay raise with the increased responsibilty. They told her something about having given her the position after the quarterly or annual raises or somesuch. I think I would had to call em out on it, but really I would have given in, nodded my deer in the headlights look, and done nothing else. So instead, I crack wise, and probably made her feel bad about it. For that I am sorry. There are always things that suck about work, and jobs, and many you have no control over. I know this.

The second reason for my post is an attempt at something touching and heartfelt. Does it make it less heartfelt if I say its supposed to be heartfelt? I have no idea.

Sunday is Mother's Day. I think I married the greatest woman in the world. She puts up with my crap, puts up with babymunkey's crap (he is too much like his daddy, and has daddy's attitude, temper and such) has a overbearing job, and smiles through it all. She is beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, intelligent, thoughtful, suprising, and sometimes is not a bad cook :)

She really did not know her mom. She was raised by a grandmother who lavished love, often in the form of criticism and harsh words, and yet figured out how to be a lovely creature. She amazes me everyday, and I don't tell her that very often. Since this is my forum, I will tell her now.

I love you baby, now and forever!


sm00bs said...

I got all teary-eyed reading this. You two are SO my favorite couple (outside of B and myself, that is).

Bonnie said...


I so love y'all.