Monday, May 23, 2005

Swimmin pools and movie stars

SO I have to believe that at this point, having a pool stocked full of fish would be easier to care for than an actual swimming pool. Last week, I noticed that while trying to open our pool for the season, parts were missing. Nothing major, just the little plug that holds the water in the filter. So no way I can filter the water, which each day was getting a little greener. *Funny aside, one year our next door neighbors in Mesquite opened a nice inground pool, but did not have the money or know-how for operating it. Each season we would see empty bottles of Clorox bleach days after the first swim. Imagine what their clothes looked like* So yesterday, with absolutly no other option, we went and purchased an new filter. I get it home, and work in the abnormal 98 degree spring heat, only to realized that the second from the last step can not take place. Dammit, I think there is another piece missing. Grrrr.

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