Thursday, May 19, 2005

What day is it?

man I have no idea what day it is, and if I did not have 4 clocks around me, each with a different time that I average, I would not know what time it is. Things have been kinda crazy, or maybe I have been. Ever since the report fiasco at work, where I worked my ass on them only to be told they were "dismal" I have felt like I am running in circles trying to catch my tail.

I am still looking for a better job, but even though I am treated like crap, hate my job, my bosses, most of my coworkers, I still make good money. I know that sounds shallow, but after getting a new vehicle, then another new vehicle, and then seeing our mortgage go up nearly 300 a month, money is a good thing. Plus we are entering the summer season, where movies, music and everything else I have been able to withstand purchasing, now comes out with greatness. So I stay here, reminding myself that I could be un-employed, instead of under employed. Or under paid.

On the happy joy side of things, I found an open wireless connection at the office, and reception is best at my desk. So now I can browse those sites that my network administrators think are wrong for me.

2 days of futzing, and I finally get Limewire to install and run on the laptop, so soon I can get all that music that I cannot afford on the Itunes site.

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