Monday, July 11, 2005


So today begins another marathon work week. It scares me when they say, "ok fun time is over, time to put in some long hours" mainly cause I have been putting in an average of 12 hours a day already. Yikes.

Mrs. Ninjamunkey had her lasik surgery on Friday, and all seems to have gone well, and she got some really nifty goggles. Hooray!

I am really starting to understand what "terrible twos" are all about.

After watching celebrity fit club last night, I have a strong desire to loose some weight and get healthy. If those people look that horrible 40 pounds lighter than me, how bad do I look?

No one can find my sister. She has vanished. Watch for her picture coming to a milk carton near you soon

having a house is wonderful, unless you dont have time for things like yard work, or anything. Then having a house is a pain in the butt

Is it wrong of my to hope for new neighbors that are decent? Sure all of the houses are filled up right now, but one can hope.


Leemer said...

Terrible Twos? I had always heard of those, but that was one of Ash's best years.

Now the Fours - that was a completely different story for her. Let's hope you are just getting the rough stuff out of the way early...

Bonnie said...

I'm with you on the "Celebrity Fit Club" thing.

Or, well... I *would* be, if they were telling the truth about their weights.

Here's something I know for sure about Hollywood and "the numbers" re: weight. They all lie.

There was all sorts of news about Kirstie Alley topping the scales at a *gasp* whopping 165 pounds before shooting "Fat Actress" and all of those Jenny Craig commercials.

Uh. No.

I've been 165. I was SMOKIN' HOT at 165. I don't think Kirstie and I are that far off in height, so I know for a FACT she's over 200. MINIMUM 220, IMO.

But the publicists need that spin the way they need it. It's so bad, in fact, that they had Kirstie cutting the Lane Bryant tags out of her dresses in the first episode of "Fat Actress." That was supposed to be funny... but the tags said "Size 12." Honey, that bitch ain't seen a size 12 in about 800,000 calories.

One of my favorite news items a few months ago was Rosie O'Donnell blogging about how fat Kirstie Allie REALLY is, vs. what they said she was. Go, Rosie!

Anyway, all that to say, don't beat yourself up *too* much. If you're looking at that "Cherry Pie" guy and going, "Man! I weigh 40 lbs. more than him!" just know you probably only weigh about 25 pounds more than him.

Not that I'm not with you on the diet train... just that you need to know the spin with which these Hollywood scales are tipped!