Monday, July 25, 2005

Work and then some...

So on average for the last month, I have had 59 hours a week. That is the average. Its amazing the things that I have not noticed since I have worked my butt off. I drive past buildings everyday on my route in or out of the office, and suddenly there were new ones this morning. When did those show up????

I dont want you to think that my blog is only going to be about bitching about work, the lack of, the over abundance of, or whatever, but right now, its the only thing I feel like I do anymore.

We went and visited my munkey-in-laws this weekend, and let me tell you, a 4 hour car ride to visit with people you never feel you will ever be good enough to please, well it made for a great time by all.

There are so many things I would like to mention, but honestly, I am sneaking this blog time in between jobs right now, but teasers for next time, in no particular order:

Baby Munkey's Foot Fetish
Being married to a porn star look alike
Finding neighbors to be friends with, and giving them a months salary
being invisible and loving it
getting over my sticky aversion if I want to drive my car
wondering who is reading this at all, and if they enjoy the teasers
My dissappearing sister act, or how I stopped loving and learned to fight the war


Ali said...

I've always been a fan of your teasing


Halfway to Fifty said...

I'm curious if your sticky problem is anything like my sticky problem...