Thursday, July 07, 2005

We are all fine here...

Everything is fine, are you? *Han Solo*

So I have been working my butt off for the past couple of weeks. Actually only the last 2 weeks, but when you are putting in 12 plus hours per day, it almost seems like they all run together, and get longer. Work is good, exhausting but good. Every day I am glad that I made the switch to a new job back in May, instead of waiting around for things to get worse.

The family is fine, a bunch of happy munkies, short of missing thier dad, but it cannot be helped.

Tomorrow Mrs. Ninjamunkey has lasik, and she is quite nervous about it. I dont think she has anything to worry about, since I went through the same procedure on the 12 of march, 2004. While the first 10 or so hours after surgery were irritating, it got better, and everyday I marvel about how much a pain life was pre lasik *PL*

So in the saga of Andye, whom we blame for most things in life, she is not talking to the chainsaws at all. Mrs. Ninjamunkey confirmed her place of employment, so perhaps during Ali's procedure tomorrow, I will swing by and say hi. Evil I am sure on some level, but I can use the "I just stopped by to say hi" method.

more later, if I can move my arms


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