Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is it tomorrow yet?

So in the past 4 days combined, I have put in 38 hours. Granted that was until 1 this afternoon. I went home for 2 hours, and am now back at work. I am scheduled from 4:30 this afternoon, until at least 2am, maybe more. Then tomorrow I am looking at a 1pm to 1am (or so) shift. For those of you scoring at home, based on the min. clocked hours, that would give me 59 and a half hours, or almost 20 hours of overtime. Yeah, I think I am going to be tired, but I can almost afford to hire someone to sleep for me. Or to clean. Hmmm how much was that service again?

I hate that Mrs. Ninjamunkey is home with baby munkey-the-tazmanian devil for this stretch, but sometimes, sacrifices need to be made. Mostly on the part of her giving up sanity, rest, productivity, and anything else, unless its to watch Shark Tale for the 49th time.

The silver lining? They could be seeing a lot more of me, were I unemployed, so I think they will accept the overtime and exhausted daddy as a fact of life for a while.


Ali said...

amen to all that

Halfway to Fifty said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep, but YAY for money! I'll sleep some for both of you.