Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Damn you Apple!!!

Ok I am an Applephile. I love those damn machines. I work with PCs all day, and go home to a HP running Windows XP. If I want to unwind, or upload music to my (Apple)Ipod, I move over to my Ibook. It's white, 14.1 inch viewable goodness of OS X. If I had to choose one machine to work on for the rest of my life, it would be pez, cherry flavored pez...sorry I forgot what I was talking about. If I had a choice in this digital revolution, I would own an Apple mobile phone (are ya listening Jobs?), My Ipod would crank out the latest edition of the greatest hits from Boston, the band not the town, and I would arrange all of my music in Itunes on a Mac. My email would be written in Mac Mail, not Exchange. Microsoft would not be a name that belonged on my resume But games are not that available for Mac, and my unwind includes blowing shit up, and shooting bad guys.

Today Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro and I wet myself a little. Its sleek, fast, and powered by an Intel chip. I did not have the initial "Gag me, Intel is the devil" reaction that most Applephiles might have had. I had a "Damn, I need 3 grand for a laptop" reaction.

I guess the point of this post in the beginning was to touch on the hatred for all things windows based I am supposed to have. Every Machead in the place is standing on their ears, waiting...Instead its a call to arms for everyone that loves me. Buy me a Macbook. Donate all that you can, your money will go to good use. I promise.

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Ali said...

yes, because that's a far better use of your good karma poitns than to ask for a good interview with the Apple Store...nice job :P