Friday, January 13, 2006

Things that annoy me...

I have not done one of these types of rants in a while, but figured, "why not? I'm in a good mood"

--Driving down the highway, I see the big information signs that alert drivers to traffic issues and such. It says something to the effect of "Arson/Burn ban in effect, contact 1-877-****** to report violators" So as I read it, I have to wonder what to do when the burn ban is lifted and arson is spotted? Isn't arson already kinda "banned" with that whole illegal thing???!??--

--My company is notorious for not giving notice about shift changes. For example, they might tell me at 4 on a Friday that I need to be here at 6 am on saturday.--

--I hate it when people read over my shoulder. Yes, my writing captures the attention of its reader, but dammit wait for it to be published! I have people that would walk up behind me and read over my shoulder while waiting for the printer to run off thier stuff. I finally moved the table out, and put my back against the wall. Ha Ha that will show them!--

--You people that feel the need to forward me every "Goverment warning" email about cell phone listings, email listings, spam, virus alerts, scams involving food stamps. Stop it! I get time to check the internet and email about 5 times a day, and I dont want your silly crap clogging my inbox--

--Loud cell talkers! You right there, in the red shirt, talking to who I am going to assume is your wife about something the dog ate and has not passed yet. I don't give a shit (pun intended)go away from my area, and talk on your phone with its annoying ringer that sounds like a duck stuck in a printer. Go away!--

--You job recruiters that call me, and tell about these wonderful jobs that I am perfect for, and then you send my resume, and then never call again, well aren't you a bunch of bitches!!!--

--my moms, who after I got in one little fight, got scared as hell, and said I was moving in with my auntie and uncle in Bel Aire--


Leemer said...

I first saw the "arson ban" this morning and thought the same effing thing...


Anonymous said...

We have had the same "ARSON BAN" and "ARSON/BURN BAN" or our big TranStar electronic highway signs down here in Houston. I suggested to Houston's TV Ch.11 Investigator that it would be interesting to find out why such sillyness prevails. --JohnH