Friday, January 13, 2006


The scene: Shift managers office. The SQL install had gone wacky, not wanting to print.
Cast: Myself, working on the computer. The shift manager, waiting on the machine to be fixed. Lumberjerk, the 25 year old, fat, mechanical engineer, one who is pompus, and rude.

As we move in, we see Ninjamunkey sitting at the computer, digging through .INI files, looking for the printer entries that could be causing the issues. He scrolls down the page, reading and muttering to himself as he does when he is working.

Shift manager: Damn, munkey, did you fix it you computer stud you? *laughing*

Lumberjerk: Ah hell, ninjamunkey probably did not get laid until late in life, mainly because he spent all his time on computers. Ha Ha, Yeah I bet he got a pitty screw from some girl after he fixed her machine.

Ninjamunkey: *removing my sweat jacket to reveal my new Glock brand handguns T-Shirt* Yeah, well except for that whole Marine Corps thing. Chicks totally dig guys that know how to kill.

it's at this point that Lumberjerk turns an even more pasty white and removes himself from the office. Ninjamunkey fixes the SQL issue, prints the page in question, and leaves, leaving the shift manager cackling behind him.



Halfway to Fifty said...

Loves me some bad-ass Nate.

Voodoo said...

Baaahahahahaaa!! Go ahead and smack that guy and get it over with. =)