Thursday, January 05, 2006


So as I sit here this morning, I realized that I have not done a random blog in a while. A Scattershooting if you will. And I will.

-I am writing as part of a new project over at The baseball blog There are a lot of talented writers and baseball fans writing stuff over there, and then there is me. You should check it out.

-I have been getting a lot of steady traffic lately, visitors and such. If this is the first time you are reading my Blog, I am so sorry. If you are a repeat visitor, I am so sorry.

-The new year comes in with a bang, and hopefully it will mean a better job for the ninjamunkey, since the current location is not so hot. To give you an idea, there is the joke that my nickname is Cinderella, since I have to sweep and mop quite a bit around here. Seriously. I could not make that up. Imagine if I had less IT experience. I might have to run a vacuum.

-went and saw King Kong this past weekend. Honestly, while it had a monkey in it, I was not that impressed. Sure it had great effects, and *spoiler* the death of Kong made me sad, I thought there was waaay too much "creative" cinematography. I don't need an extended scene of Kong and Naomi Watts looking at a sun set. Majestic, yes, creating a longer movie, why bother? Although, knowing that Ms. Watts had to act against a green screen for the majority of her scenes, I was mega impressed with her performance. Jack Black was almost disappointing, since I expected him to run into Kyle Gass and break into a Tenacious D song at any moment. Adrian Brody. BOOORING. Deadpan actor, odd looking, and hard to take seriously as a love interest for anyone other than a cartoon character. 12 out of 54 stars.

-Watched the 40 year old virgin this past week on DVD. I laughed so hard, I think I was tired when it was over. Excellent movie, in the brain dead, I dont want to think type of way.

that is all I have for now, and again, I'm sorry. have a day!

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Leemer said...

Have y'all watched those Office episodes yet? Get on it!