Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ring Ring...

Getting a little tipsy, I send a text message to several in my contact list, just the typical "Happy New Year, wish you were here"

I get a response back from my sister, stating "Happy New Year, want a picture?"
I reply with "Absolutely" shocked that she responded

I promptly get photos from her back, all in a somewhat flirty nature, but maybe she thought they were cute.

The Ninjamunkies pose for a photo, and send it back to her

I get a message from her saying "I hope you are as happy as I am"

I get another message saying "who is this?"


my phone rings, and I stumble to the dresser to get it. It's New Years Day, and we had been in bed about 2 hours. Several hours of whiskey and coke, and greasy pizza, I don't want to be awake this early.

Me: "Hello?"
Phone: "hey Who's this?"
Me: "Nathan". It's at this point that I look at the display and see that its my sister, whom I have not spoken to in well over a year, since she went off the deep end with drugs and parties.
Her:"Nathan....Nathan....Nathan who?"
Me:(slightly annoyed that she is truly this dumb)"your brother"
Her: "how did you get this number?"
Now this is where my years of avoiding questions has paid off. See I could have said that my mom gave me the new number she got secretly from a friend of Sis'. But instead I avoid...
Me:"You were text messaging me last night, duh!"
Her: "Oh I thought you were my friend Scott. I'm sorry I woke you up."
Me:"Hey no problem, just call me this afternoon so we can catch up"

Now that was a few days ago, and I have not heard from here since. She probably is going to rush off and change her cell number. The original reason she gave for severing ties was her counselor told her it was best, in order to get off drugs.

I am not going to claim here that I despise her, because she is not doing anything I have not already done. More than likely. Yeah, I always partied like it was 1999. It took a lot of soul searching and recognizing how unhappy I was with my life before I kicked the recreational drug use. Once I did, I did not look back.

So I hope she is ok. I hope she is doing well, and is not headed towards a cliff with the rest of the lemmings she is running around with. I hope she is smart enough to verify what she is taking in some way, or not take it. I hope she is careful. I hope she is not being an ignorant slut.

But I have my doubts.


Leemer said...

I had to read "lemmings" twice... just because I like the word so much, I guess.

And this now explains the "almost prank call" allusion. I don't remember the text message being talked about. no big surprise there.

SimonZealotes said...

One thing I've learned from annoying relatives is in spite of the tensions that may exist, in spite of the ways they may or may not have wronged you, they are still your (insert geneological relationship name here).

She'll always be your sister. That's why you care enough to say something about it, enough to share it.

Nothing wrong with that.

Sooner or later, people come around, usually. Age mellows most of us. And if it doesn't, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you remained the bigger person.

This is coming from someone that has to restrain himself everytime his mother-in-law calls his wife up after a year of not contacting her at all to criticize her life and try to make her feel like pond scum.

I wish we could choose...

Hang in there. People come around, in time.

Bonnie said...

I wish I could say that I hope you two reconnect, but being estranged from my family is a blessing for me.

Yeah, I suck. But I'm more balanced this way.

James said...

damn. I feel almost inspired to post my sister's weirdness on here now.