Thursday, June 09, 2005

Somebody get the license plate!!!

So last night, we were testing Baby Munkey in his new Jeep Powerwheel car. He was having a little trouble, since the dang thing bolts like a possessed horse when you step on the pedal. So I was reaching down, trying to figure out if there was a reduced speed gear to put it in. As I reach, someone yelled "punch it Chewie!" and he did. Across my foot. It sounded a little like this:


Followed by 10 minutes of me laughing uncontrollably because I knew screaming would make the baby go ballistic. My foot was purplish and swollen. It hurt.

Today I see the doctor, only to be told that its really just a bad sprain and deep tissue bruise. Thank Jeebus. I did not like the idea of another cast, or missing the swimming pool time I could have.

So yes, I am limping because my son ran over me with his Jeep.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.


sm00bs said...

Tee hee!

I'm glad your foot isn't broken, since a cast right now would truly have much suckitude. You have to admit,though, it is a pretty funny story! ;)

Leemer said...

So are you saying that you got the green out of the pool? Or you're just going to add a little black and blue?