Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Anne Bancroft died yesterday. Mel Brooks is not as funny now, I am sure.

So things are going along swimmingly in the desktop support world today. I enjoy my new job a great deal, and hell even the free coffee is good. Everything will taste much better after the first paycheck arrives.

New TV show that you should check out, Cheap Seats. Its on ESPN classic, which until we accidently found this show, I thought ESPNCL was out there to show those old films that usually air during a rain delay. You know the ones "The Mets had never had it so good, until tragedy struck, killing the groundskeeper..." all shot in sepia tones, with Behind the Music like sad photos of middle infielders and linebackers crying like babies. Cheap Seats is like a sports version of MST3K. Two guys, not jocks at all, critique various shows, events, commentators, and everything else. Imagine a recap of the 1994 Putt Putt championships. Highly recommended.

If you are not already doing so, I would highly recommend watching The Shield, on FX. This season, Glenn Close is appearing as a new captian in the squad, and really has added something to the show. Michael Chiklis is amazing as always, and makes the show what it is. Go rent the first few seasons on DVD to catch up, but if you like true cop drama, along with enough grit to make you want to take a shower afterwards, I suggest checking it out.

As far as music goes, I have downloaded Err purchased the new Weezer, and not that impressed. I have also gotten the new Toby Keith, which is actually very good, if you like country music at all. I have some of the new Ben Folds, but apparently you have to either like him or hate him, no middle ground. I like him, so it works out.

The only thing that is a minor dislike about the new job, is that I am not allowed to listen to music as I work. Apparently since music is not allowed on the Plant floor, they want the office folks to adhere to the same rules. I can see that it is fair, and balanced, but does not make the day go any faster when I cannot listen to Jack FM or something.

Speaking of, no matter where you live, see if your area has a Jack FM station. Imagine taking all of your MP3s and playing them all the time. NO DJs, just commercials. You can hear Flock of Seagulls followed by U2 followed by Kajagoogoo. Its great. usually. But as I point out to Mrs. Ninjamunkey, "this station would be great if they did not play so much (insert artist here)"

that is all I have got for now

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