Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A list of sorts...

Things I love:
My darling baby munkey, who is 2 years old today. He amazes me with his intelligence, his ability to clobber a baseball, and his ability to recognize that I am hurt, not feeling good, or down, and make me giggle. "Chicken!"

My wonderful wife, who, though she has to have daily shots, cannot be out in the heat (we live in Texas, so like that is possible)and works her butt off for a company that may or not appreciate her, still has time and energy to love us, worry about us, and do her best to help with all the projects around the house

Wireless network connections

My good puppydogs. They have recently decided they prefer to sleep outside at night, instead of taking up the majority of our king sized bed. They don't do much, dig a little, and always have a wet nose and a kiss for you.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Its got 9 thousand miles on it, I have had it a month, and it is just a great little vehicle. I would take the pepsi challenge against any other midsized SUV on the road, and know that it would come through with flying colors.

Ipods with FM connections- Listening to my music in the morning, and not having to listen to the latest recap of TV I did not watch.

My new job. Where else can I give an answer like "I have no idea, let me do some research" and have everyone thinking I have hung the moon? Crazy

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Nickie said...

You are cracking me up! I'm really enjoying your blog. From one Texan to god the heat!