Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dark as a dungeon...

So I sit here tonight, really not doing much. Night shift for my company is a lot of hand holding, and answering email related questions. Not very productive. Which means a 9 hour shift feels like it is 12-15 hours long. I requested days, since that is what i have hired on for, and was told today, "we might be able to get you 2 day shifts next week" I could go on on how crappy this is, but I am going to move on.

So yesterday was my 30th birthday, and after dropping not so subtle hints, my boss had a cake waiting for me when I got here for a 2:30 meeting. The Ninjamunkey family came up here for dinner break, and we sat around in my spacious room, eating waterburger and going on a tour of the plant. While that does not seem like much, it meant the world to me.

This weekend is the big fiesta, and should be a lot of fun. I even think I am going to sing a song. I know I am going to have some drinks, and laughs. Should be a fun time.

Of course the news is still Katrina. I am tired of hearing about it, especially when they keep blaming each other for everything, and the talking heads of news media want to fan the flames. Yeah yeah, enough already. Get the people help, however you can, and move on

with that I close, I have velcro to stick, and I am trying to decide who to stick it to.

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Leemer said...

Yum! Whataburger!

(And "Dark as a Dungeon" is a Slobberbone song, I believe. Are you in on this bit, too?)