Thursday, September 01, 2005


I am sitting here, listening to Stairway to Heaven on the ipod, wishing I had a normal schedule this week, as I would be home watching Tivo, or *shock*talking to my hot wife. But no, I am trying to configure a dinner bell scheduler. What that has to do with break/fix desktop support is beyond my comprehension.

I have been reading a lot about katrina the last few days. I have yet to really voice my opinion, because everyone else does it so well. Its very odd for me, and I am going to try and express it.

As I begin to dwindle down the days of my 20's, I am reminded how fleeting life is. Watching the interviews pre levee break, how people were shaking thier fists at the storm, daring ma nature to come get them, I thought it was rather funny. I thought the media coverage was a bit heavy, but hey, I am in Texas, and Lousiana is down the road. It was big news.

Then BAM the whole city is flooded, getting worse, water rising to the tops of 3rd floor buildings, blues legends, like Fats Domino, are missing, and it is a crises. Then dumb asses start shooting at helicopters, jackasses are looting for beer and jewelry, and the world is suddenly paying attention. Tsunamis have nothing on this bitch Katrina.

At one point, it dawned on me that this is not something that should happen in America, the land of the free, and home of the 30 pack of beers. This is something you hear about in 3rd world countries. This is where the guys wade through the water, and steal camels (to ride not smoke)or dates or something. Not the french quarter.

I saw pictures of gun toting marshals, and all I could do was imagine the desert behind them, not the friggin superdome. How does this happen? If water washes away Fort Worth, will there be riots over cowboy hats?

My cousin James lives just north of New Orleans, and while I was talking to him on his cell phone yesterday, he was describing the people walking through his neighborhood, just walking north. Very little car traffic, just a steady stream of dirty, wet tired faces. I wanted to cry. He was having trouble dealing with it, because as he said "I cant blame anyone for anything, but New Orleans has gone the way of Atlantis"

Who do you blame at this point? No one. Everyone. The looters, the cops, the engineers, the guy that charges 2 cents more for gas than the other station around the corner. The weathermen. No one.

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