Friday, September 09, 2005

Musically inspired blogging on a Friday night. Very much a direct theft of Ali's blog, and since she is hot, and a genius, I think its a great idea.

Playing: Everybody Knows-Leonard Cohen

By now, the world has become aware that as a nation, we cannot take care of our own, but will go to the ends of the earth for another country. Everyone has a reason to think this is wrong, but really, it’s a typical situation. We feed the hungry in Africa, write and sing songs about them, and forget that our streets are lined with people trying to find work. We liberate countries for democracy, pushing out regimes that are wrong, only to have our servicemen get killed trying to keep democracy in check. Is it really democratic if someone else sets it up?

Who needs Shelter-Jason Mraz

I still cannot understand what the hell went wrong in NOLA. By most accounts, it was insanity. Even more so, is that Dallas is working hard to get the displaced into apartments for free here in the metroplex. I am all for helping people that need it, but at the same time, wouldn’t that lead to the same insane effers shooting at rescue workers to live next door to me? Can I veto this yet? Dallas needs no real help in keeping the crime rates up. Seriously.

Freedom- Blues Traveler

Getting away from the deep and heavy, I have to say, aside from not being with my family, having my sleep patterns all kinds of screwed up, I kinda like working at night. I mean look, I am sitting here blogging and listening to Ipod music, and get away with it with no issues. Hell the shift manager just offered me his 2 inch TV to watch while I am here. I can work on projects, or like most nights, claim there were lots of service calls that were user error, and not have to do any work at all. I get paid for this!

Bittersweet-Big Head Todd and the Monsters

So tomorrow night, we are having my 30th birthday shindig at the casa. Most of my friends will be there, and their friends bud, jack, the captain, gin and whiskey will be making the rounds. I am hoping to have some blackjack or poker going too. I wish all of my friends could be there together, but many live in California, have lives outside of my little circle, or otherwise occupied. I will have a drink for them anyway, and one for them, and those guys over there, and him, and you.

Thanks A lot- Third Eye Blind

So question for the masses, and by masses I mean the 2 or 3 people that read this. Say you have an acquaintance, someone you don’t know super well, but she comes around. Say this person will come to your house, and decide to help themselves to food in the pantry, whatever is in the fridge. She might go into your medicine cabinet and grab some pain relievers, all the while never asking permission. Would you stop her, call her out on it, or just chalk it up to someone being comfortable in your home?

Evenflow-Pearl Jam

I walked outside tonight at dinner, and could hear a football game in the distance. You see, Friday night in Texas during the late summer and fall is football season. I could faintly hear the announcer, the quads of the marching band, the crowd yelling. It brought to mind a simpler time. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I was a football player man for the various schools my family would move me to. Knowing that as long as there was no homework, I would be on a bus, traveling to an away game, rocking out to my discount store knockoff walkman, with the orange headphones, getting amped up for a game in which I was told to destroy the quarterback. Wondering if I played well enough, would I get a kiss from that hot cheerleader or drill team girl I had been chatting up in World History, but knowing more than likely I would wind up with the rest of the team, pretending we were getting some later. Knowing that in the hallways we were heros, and that soon, the world would know who we were. Dealing with that one teacher that did not care we were stars of the gridiron, and tried to flunk us anyway. The huge zits on my chin from the chinstrap I wore 5 days a week, hours at a time. Come to think of it, those times were not easy or simple. There was much more stress, politics, bullies, assholes and the lot. What was I thinking?

Call and Answer- Barenaked Ladies

So my sister has written us off apparently. Not that she had much to do with us in the first place. I would hear from her only when she was in trouble, or needed money, or wanted to convince me that my parents were in the Manson family and were telling horrible lies about her. She has been logged into Yahoo mobile for the past week, but will not answer when I text her. Her screen name is libertyanne2003, so feel free to try and get her to talk. Course she might offer you drugs. Never know with her. Damn, that was mean. Charlie told me to say it.

Well I am going to keep listening, you keep reading, and feel free to let me know what you think. I read all comments, and only delete the critical ones.

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