Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hairbands and Ballads

So its the last day of my 20's. This is my last day to be youthful, and silly. Or so you would think. How did I spend it?

I got up early, as seeing the baby munkey is not very easy lately, as he goes to "school" while I am sleeping, and is long gone nite nite when I get home from work. So up at 7, spent a little while with the little man, and took him to school with mom. We then went to the tanning salon, because at 30, I don't want to look like the underbelly of a beached whale any longer. So we joined a tanning shop, and have gone twice.

We then went home, and started working on cleaning the garage. This has been a 2 year project in the making. Our garage is not like a normal "park your car in here, and that is it" garage. Its a "what the hell do we need this extra blender for? Oh we better keep it incase there is an emergency". So we began cleaning, and hanging shelving, and stuff like that.

We then went to buffalo wild wings for lunch, where the service, the food and the sports on TV was so bad, I found myself reading the menu over and over.

I then came to work, where I have had the distinct pleasure of doing nothing for the past 2 hours. Its nice to be paid for this, but I would gladly give up the money to be at home hanging out with the family.

So anyway, to recap, my 20s are going out with a flutter, and the 30's look to have much of the same in them for me. But sometimes, calm and boring win out over drunken debauchery. Sometimes.

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Halfway to Fifty said...

Calm and boring today... drunken debauchery this weekend. Dammit, I'm going to miss it!! Grrr.