Monday, September 19, 2005

up, up, and away...

So Mrs. Ninjamunkey decided this past weekend would be a good time to take the baby munkey to the Balloon Festival. You see, imagine 40-50 hot air balloons taking off from a central point and flying over the city. It was a pretty cool site. However, seeing as this is Texas, the tempature hovered around the "bursting into flames" point. It was a bad sign, when the cheapo parking (5$) was already stacked up 12 hours after the event opened. There was supposed to be pony rides, face painting, and other cool kiddo activities. Not sure where the pony was, but after the mile hike into the festival area from the parking area, I was looking for that little bastard to ride back to the car. We never saw a face painting area, but we did see balloons take off. Its a good thing they were rising into the air, because the 150,000 estimated people in attendace would have blocked the view if they had not. We did get several glasses of lemonaide, and a couple of bottles of water. That was the extent of that paycheck. I think baby munkey did in fact enjoy himself, waving at the balloons and wanting to hold them. I did have a cool dad moment though. We passed a booth peddling everything from bubble makers to jewelry, where they had blow up hot air balloons. He saw them and threw a fit. The funny part was I had already made my way around the other side of the booth and was getting him one of the balloons. I came around the corner to see mom telling him to calm down, and his eyes saw me, rather saw the inflated ballon in my hand, and he lit up like a christmas tree. He was quite pleased with it, and I felt like a cool dad for picking one up for him.

All in all, it was a fairly good time, rather hot, humid, and a hell of a lot of walking, but I think he had fun, and sometimes, that is the most important part.

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Ali said...

He was crying because he couldn't see you, AND because he wanted a balloon. He was thrilled to death to get it. And he loved the balloons. He's still talking about them today.