Thursday, September 15, 2005

The fool on the hill....

Stolen from Ali, who copied and pasted several tests together to make this one, which I would like to see make the rounds....

First and middle names: Nathan Ray

Do you like your name? Do you wish you could change it?: You know, I used to hate it, because it sounds like such a redneck name, then I realized that my family is a bunch of rednecks, and knew no better

Nicknames: Nate, Ninjamunkey, Daddy Munkey

Favorite color: Gray

Super Powers: Computer fixer, that is about it. I am so lame.

Previous Jobs: Oh boy, in no particular order: marine, porn editor, photographer for insurance company, bar manager, waiter, bar tender, bodyguard, Radio Host, Car sales, grocery clerk, accounting guru, house cleaner, security guard, gas station attendant, fast food

Current Occupation: IT specialist for GM subdivision

Do you like it?: usually, but it has its moments that suck

Brothers and Sisters: One sister that makes me look like the good child

Birthdate: September 7

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Langdon, North Dakota (air force base)

City where you were raised: All over Texas, Oklahoma

Elementary school: Caddo Mills Elementary, Caddo Mills Texas

High School: Caddo Mills, North Mesquite, JJ Pearce, Berkner

College: some time at Eastfield Junior

Majors in College. Wasting money on classes, not attending classes

Favorite subjects in school: Math (no really) English, and creative writing

Motto: Live each day like its your last, cause one day you will be right

I wanted to grow up to be: taller. Instead I am a tubby bitch

Morning person or evening person? Right now, neither. I work varying shifts with my job, so I hate mornings and late nights

Introvert or outgoing? Introverted outgoing person

Life of the party or shy? I have no idea

Prefer to veg out or stay busy?: I love to be busy, get busy

Last time I wet the bed: Making a wet spot count?

Two liittle known skills of mine: Picking up things with my feet

Favorite hobby: Photography

Hobby you're most skilled at: I have no idea how to answer that

Favorite Game where you get to shoot people? Rush hour traffic.

Best movie you saw in the last two years? Charlie and the Choclate Factory/Batman Begins

Who is your favorite Saturday Night Live star of All-time? Farley/Hartman

Where was the worst bathroom you were ever FORCED to use? I have never been forced to use a bathroom. I am a guy, if the bathroom is grody, I go outside.

On a man, do you prefer boxers, briefs, or none? I really don’t prefer men, thanks. I do wear boxer briefs usually though

What kind of underwear, if any, do you wear?: Yeah, just covered that

What is your favorite CURRENT TV show? Rescue Me
What is your favorite SHOT? toradal

What is your favorite mixed drink? Crown and coke, or maybe a vodka tonic with lime

What is your favorite "fruity" drink?: Mai Tai

What is your favorite beer? Don’t really have one, as long as its cold and cheap

What is your dream car? Not good to dream about cars. But I would like to have a jeep wrangler soft top to run around in on the weekends

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend>: Oddly, working on the house, or shopping with my family
What is your favorite ice cream? Strawberry

What is your favorite gambling activity? Sex without birth control

What is your favorite Broadway play? Rent

Favorite Restaurant (Not a Chain)? Windy City Grill

Favorite Chain restaurant? Satlgrass

Last song you downloaded? Prince-Darling Nikki

What was your first car? A 1972 Chevy Nova

If you were an animal, what would you be? A monkey

What's your favorite animal? monkey

Do you have any pets? yes

If so, what are they? a Golden Retriever, a black Lab, and a tank full of fish

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? And if so, what kind? A pit bull, and a doberman

Have you ever had a perm? No

What color is your hair? What style is it? What cut is it? Brown, short

What color are your eyes? Brown

Favorite bottled water? Deja Blue or AquaFina

Favorite soda: Diet Coke

Favorite candy bar? Butterfinger Crisp

Favorite frozen novelty? Fudge bomb

Favorite kind of chips? Cool Ranch Doritos

Favorite Asian food: Fried Rice

Favorite "American" food: Barbecue

Favorite Italian food: Stromboli

Favorite Mexican food: Fajitas

Favorite breakfast cereal? Life

Favorite cookie: Ali’s Homemade Cookies

What was the name of your first boyfriend? Cant say as I have had one

How old were you? 30 when I took this quiz

Did you kiss him on the mouth? Hee, doubtful

Have you ever had a thing for a friend's dad? What sort of guy do you think I am?

Favorite PULP FICTION quote? Feel that sting? That’s pride fuckin with you

Shot at the doctor ASS or ARM? Arm

Do you ever want to sky dive? I have

What about bungee jumping? I have

What about Scuba diving? I have

What is your favorite Game Show? Survivor

Favorite all-time city: Chicago

At least 5:
Bands I Love:
Bowling for Soup
Blues Traveler
Maroon 5
Ben Harper and the fun loving Criminals

Books I would recommend:
Kevin Smith Speaks
The DaVinci Code
Skipping Christmas
Memory of Running

Favorite T.V. Shows:
CSI (any of them)
Rescue Me
Family Guy

Favorite movies:
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Kill Bill 1 and 2

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Ali said...

you DO know you were supposed to change any question that was asking about a boyfriend or dad to a girlfriend or mom, right? :P

Silly munkey....