Thursday, August 25, 2005

The cup is half empty....

"This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers"...Randal in Clerks

So its Thursday, and I have had a week to forget. Nothing spectacular other than working that shift on Monday, only to open the next morning, 4 hours later. It was great. sarcasm on high alert today.

Sitting in my office yesterday, working on a PC, surrounded by a stack of machines, printers stacked around the room, and various electronic guts laying around. Imagine my suprise when someone came to my door and said "are you in IT?"

The paper towel dispenser in the bathroom here has a instructions on it. Not so wierd. Having an arrow pointing to a small wheel and referring to it as the "emergency release" has me wondering. What the hell kind of emergency can you have with a paper towel dispenser?

Still fighting with the insurance company to replace all the stuff that was stolen, but each phone call finds them wanting more stuff. Like manuals, receipts, proof of purchases. Yeah, like I had a "when it gets stolen, here is all the paperwork I am going to need" file on my desk.

Apparently I have the super human ability to be on time to work. My co-irkers can not seem to figure that one out around here. I had a buddy I used to work with that was on average 30 minutes late each day. It was so regular, it bacame a standard. I now have my night shift counterpart that cannot arrive before 40-50 minutes after his shift begins. HE comes in at 3pm! He only works 9 hours. I am not sure why there is a problem, and I really dont know why he is still employeed. You watch, the first time I am late, I will be willing to bet that they say something to me, and I will be forced to delete thier user accounts. Shocking abuse of authority.

Baby Munkey spent the weekend with his grandparents, and came home spoiled rotten. He does not want to mind, pay attention, throws a fit when he does not get his way, and is hellbent on destruction. Oddly, that is the yearbook description of my sister. I am beginning to see a trend. Lets just hope he knows to Just Say No.

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