Monday, August 29, 2005

Night Moves...

So this week I am working the night shift. What did I do to deserve this? Sure it is going to be slower, and in a much less hectic plant, but I am used to working 5:30am-3:30pm, and now I am getting here at 3 pm. Sucks. But I will make the best of it.

Still fighting with the insurance company over the stuff that was stolen, and it seems like it will happen for the rest of my natural life.

So the casa is just about ready for the big 3-oh shindig, and if you did not get an invite, email me. I might send one out, cause that means more presents for me. I know that is a immature way to look at it, but when your turning 30, immaturity is something you cling to.

It appears that my sister is trying to sue my parents for ruining her credit. Not that they did anything other than stop paying the bills. She is claiming that they got her the cards before she was 18 and ran them up. Only half of that is true. Who knew that she could be so evil?

Well its time to start working for a few minutes...I will try to post my activities as I go. Should provide entertainment, or at least give people reason to say "what are they paying him for?"

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