Monday, August 22, 2005

Night Shift

so today I am covering for the night guy by working his shift. Rather, I was here at 3 and working until I can sneak out the door. Of course I have to cover my normal 5:30 am shift in the morning, so I hope I can get out of here before midnight. In the mean time, I am supposed to clean the server room, and a bunch of other crap that my boss has decided I need to do. Granted he was here all day and did nothing, so its up to me. Oddly, the guy I am covering for is at jury duty. I had not idea that jury duty ran until 11-12 at night.

I should have spent the day relaxing and resting for tonight, but instead, I worked on the house, and cleaned, and hung a misting system on the new patio.

Hopefully I can get some downtime when everyone leaves, and work on important stuff, like ipod music lists, and blogs, and email and stuff. Keep your fingers crossed.

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